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The Family Name History will tell you, the origin, the meaning, the original spelling, the variations your name encountered due to the dialects and illiteracy, where your name first appears on a census role or church document and the first date of reference to your family name. The Family Name History will give you a description of your Family Coat of Arms and Crest which will be written in the language of heraldry, which is Norman French. (sold unframed or framed) Frame choices below.

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What our customers say

  • We dropped in to The Name Tree while visiting Niagara On The Lake in November. Not knowing really what the store was all about, Peter explained why there was a Coat of Arms and Family Crest registered to our name and explained our Family History to us. We walked out with a Family History and Coat of Arms for both of our names and with a knowledge now of "heraldry" that we never had before. Thank you, Peter, for being so friendly and knowledgeable. We will tell our family and friends about your store.
    Tom & Leah
  • "Chris and I are very pleased with the name history you made for his parents' 60th wedding anniversary gift. The quality is exceptional and the frame is exquisite. Thank you also for accommodating our last minute request and completing it as quickly as you did."
    Marsha P - Toronto